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Foot Massage Reflexology :
Stimulating The Reflex Points Of The Feet, Relaxing And Rejuvenating Each And Every Part Of The Body, Including The Glands And Organs, By Hands. Massaging The Pressure Points In The Feet Allows The Nerve Network To Boost The Immune System, Improve The Physical Body And Avoid Illness.

Foot Massage Relaxation :
Pressure Points On The Feet And Lower Legs Are Worked On Using Thumbs And A Traditional Thai Wooden Stick Aided By Massage Cream And Oil For An Invigorating And Relaxing Massage For The Lower Legs. Also Covered Is A Relaxation Massage To The Hands And Lower Arms.

Thai Body Massage
Thai Body Massage :
An Ancient Traditional Thai Massage, Uniquely Blends Deep Tissue Massage Using Pressure Point And Stretching Techniques To Reduce Stress And Muscle Soreness As Well As Increase Flexibility. Thai Massage Aims To Release Sluggish Flow Of Blood To Free Body Tension, Relax Your Muscles, And Relieve Your Aches And Pains.

Thai Herbal Hot Compress :
Employed In Traditional Thai Medicine, The Hot Herbal Compress Is Pressed Over The Entire Body In Order To Soothe Muscle And Stimulate Blood Flow And Circulation. The Hot Herbal Compress Contains Numerous Herbs Tightly Bound In Fabric Which Is Steamed Until Piping Hot And Firmly Rolled. It Helps To Improve Lymphatic System Including Relieving Strains Of Muscles, Stiffness In The Joints And Tension.

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage :
A Variety Of Stones Are Placed At Focal Parts Of The Body Such As The Upper And Lower Back. The Stones Release Heat Where They Calm And Relax The Muscles. The Therapist Then Massages Essential Oils Into The Skin. This Relaxes And Makes It Easier For The Body To Absorb Heat From The Stones. Aromatic Hot Stone Massage Are Believed Treat Insomnia, Relieves Muscle Tension, Improves Blood Circulation And Calm Nervous System, Depression And Anxiety.

Body Oil Massage
Body Oil Massage :
Therapist Uses Massage Oils To Enhance The Structured Movements Of Soft Tissue, Relieving Stressed Muscles, Increasing Blood Circulation And Free Body Tension.

Swedish Oil Massage :
Create A General Sense Of Relaxation Through Better Blood And Oxygen Circulation, Easing Of Muscular Aches And Tension, And Improving Mind Alertness And Body Flexibility Through Unique Technique Of Long And Smooth Gliding Strokes, Kneading Of Individual Tensed Muscles, And Creating Friction/vibration With Specific Massage Strokes To Release Toxins And Tension In The Body.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage :
A Light, Calming Massage Using Aromatic Essential Oils To Help The Body Eliminate Toxins, Relieving Stressed Muscles, Increasing Circulation And Soothing The Body, Mind And Spirit.

Haed Back And Shoulder Massage
Back And Shoulder Massage :
Focusing On A Common Problem Area, This Massage Reduces Tension In The Back, Neck And Head, Inducing A Sense Of Deep Relaxation While Improving Circulation And Easing Away Muscular Aches And Pains.

Indian Head Massage :
Application Of Deep Kneading And Compression Movements Over The Neck, Shoulder And Scalp Areas. The Therapist Will Also Gently Stimulate And Stroke Pressure Points On The Face Leaving You Relaxed, Revitalised And Reenergized. Perfect For Promoting A Calm Mind, A Stress-free Body And For Maintaining Optimum Health.

Facial Relaxation
After Sun
Soothes, Hydrates And Nourishes Skin That Has Been Exposed To The Elements. Includes A Calming Mask Followed By The Application Of Hydrating Botanicals To Nourish The Skin And Calm Redness. Fit To The Most Sensitive Skin.

Tropical Fruit
Freshen And Revitalise Your Senses With One Of Our Signature Tropical Fruit Treatments. Drenched In Natural Fruit Enzymes, Antioxidants And Premium Fruit Concentrates To Smooth And Revitalise, Leaving Skin Luminous, Glowing And Refreshed.

Deep Cleansing
This Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment Clears The Skin Of Cellular Buildup That Causes Blackheads And Breakouts. Especially Beneficial To Eliminate Impurities, Restore Balance, And Nourish Dull, Devitalized Skin.

Slimming Massage
Slimming Massage :
The Use Of Massage Oil With Natural Aroma That Brings Draining And Firming Properties To Refine Problem Areas. These Effective Natural Ingredients Work In Synergy To Activate Slimming And Anti-cellulite Process While Bringing Absolute Pleasure And Relaxation To Your Body While Revitalizing Your Skin And Improve Blood Circulation.

Body Treatment
After Sun Body Treatment :
Alleviate Skin’s Burning As This Treatment Heals, Desensitises And Reduces Skin Temperature. Specifically Designed For Self-inflicted Irritation. This Pleasantly Cooling Care Emulsion Instantly Soothes And Refreshes The Skin After Sun Exposure.

Body Scrub With Dry Brush :
Dry Brushing Body Scrub Helps To Exfoliate The Skin Gently, And Also Encourages The Circulation. Dry Brushing Uses Natural Fibres That Simply Remove Dead Cells. A Specific Pattern Is Followed To Stimulate Lymphatic Stimulation And Remove Toxins Leaving Radiant Skin.

Body Scrub :
This Exfoliating Treatment Helps In Getting Rid Of Dead Skin Cells And Body Impurities, Leaving You Softened And Purified Skin. Body Scrub Generally Enhanced Skin Tone And Improve Blood Circulation

Body Mask :
Depending On Your Skin Condition, Savanna Offers Different Type Of Body Mask To Fit Your Skin Condition. Design To Deep Clean, Gradually Improve Your Skin Tone And Hydrate Your Skin, Body Mask Also Has Effect Of Revitalizing, Healing, And Refreshing.

Manicure And Pedicure
Manicure :
A Cosmetic Beauty Treatment For The Finger Nails And Hands Including Filing And Shaping Of The Nails And The Application Of Polish. As Part Of The Manicure, Treatments For Hands Included Soaking In A Softening Substance And Application Of Hand Lotion.

Pedicure :
A Treatment For The Skin, Cuticles, Nails And Calluses On The Feet. Nails Are Trimmed, Filed And Smoothed; Cuticles Are Groomed. Dry And Excess Skin Is Buffed And Softened. A Moisture Mask Is Then Applied. Enjoy A Soothing Foot And Leg Massage With A Deep Moisturizing Masque, Followed By An Exfoliating Citrus Scrub.

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